Cinema continues to flourish in the Asia Pacific region. Each year, millions of young people enter a darkened theatre for the first time to experience movies on the big screen, and like generations before, discover it to be an encounter unparalleled in excitement and imagination.

This enduring growth in cinema, combined with the demand from video on demand services to commission a wide variety of high quality content, means this is a propitious time to be a filmmaker.

This year we are celebrating ten years of partnership between the Motion Picture Association and the Asia Pacific Screen Awards to award four grants to deserving creators under the MPA APSA Academy Film Fund.

The Film Fund has led to the development and recognition of a wide range of unique stories from the Asia Pacific – tales from as far afield as China, Iran, South Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Australia, Israel, Turkey, New Zealand, Marshall Islands, Indonesia,
Bangladesh, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Thailand.

Many of these films have progressed into production, and found acclaim at the world’s most admired festivals and film awards.

Here at the MPA, we are honoured to contribute through ten years of the Film Fund to some the most memorable moments in Asia Pacific cinema. We salute the filmmakers and the team at the APSA and wish the thirteenth Asia Pacific Screen Awards every success.

Michael C. Ellis
President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region
Motion Picture Association

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