Ming Zhenjiang is the Executive Chairman of the China Film Producers Association, the People’s Republic of China’s official representative of FIAPF-the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. Ming is President of August First Film Studios. He is on the national committee of China’s Federation of Literature and Arts Associations (CFLAA), a standing council member of China’s Association of Film Artists and a Vice President of China’s Film Reviewers Association. He is one of China’s best-known film producers and reviewers and is a highly regarded poet and writer.

Ming Zhenjiang has been responsible for over 50 feature films and has won several Chinese and international film awards, including Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards. Charging Out Amazon screened at the Kennedy Art Centre in the US and won the 2002 Golden Rooster for Best Film. Other titles include On the Taihang MountainsAn Earth Shaking Event and My Personal Long March.

In recent years Ming Zhenjiang has created and produced more than 60 television series, including Surprising Assault of Soldiers, which won an Excellence Award at the Tokyo International TV Movie Festival. He has produced more than 50 documentaries and published over 100 articles about film and television, several of which appear in collections such as Treasury of Contemporary Chinese Thoughts.

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