Serdar Akar is a multi-award winning filmmaker, born in 1964, in Ankara, Turkey. A graduate of both the Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy and the Cinema & TV Department of Mimar Sinan University he began his career working as assistant to several Turkish directors. In 1998 he wrote and directed the feature film On Board, followed by the multi-award winning Short Passes in Confined Spaces in 2000, based on his childhood memories and shot in the town where he spent his childhood.

After directing Maruf in 2001, he directed the renowned Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, which was the most expensive Turkish film ever made at that time and also became the highest grossing Turkish film of all time. He shifted his focus to television and went on to direct more than ten highly successful TV Series. In 2006 he formed his own company Filmakar and produced the much debated Barda. In 2007 he produced stage plays through his theatre company Tiyatroadam and, with seven feature films and 13 TV series to his name, he continues to be an academic lecturer at the Mimar Sinan University.

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