Sherwan Haji is a Kurdish filmmaker, writer and actor. Haji has graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. Haji played leading roles in several TV series for several TV channels in the Middle East. Haji moved to Finland in 2010 to continue his studies. He works as a filmmaker writer and actor. In 2012, he established a production company called Lion’s Line Ltd. and has worked as educator and he has produced documentaries, fiction movies, and art workshops. Haji moved to Cambridge, U.K. to continue his studies, in 2016 he has been awarded the degree of Master of Arts with distinction in Film & TV Production. Haji has been recently working as an Actor with the Finnish legendary filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki, Haji played the role of Khalid which is the main character in The Other Side of Hope (2017). Mr Haji was awarded as best actor at Dublin international film festival for his performance in the Other Side of Hope.

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