Born and raised in Shanghai surrounded by a creative and artistic family, Sherwood relocated to the US to receive his Masters of Arts degree from New York State University and earned a Ph.D. in directing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He created the stage production The Legend of Prince Lanling, receiving an Honorable Mention from the Kennedy Arts Center, which he later adapted into his first feature film. Warrior Lanling (1995). His second feature, Lani Loa, The Passage (1998) was executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola. He returned to China where he produced and directed a 40-episode television series Purple Jade for CCTV. His epic feature film Prince Of The Himalayas (2006) received Best Film Award from Calabria International Film Festival along with awards from the Monaco Film Festival, American-China Film Festival, American Shakespeare Association and Beijing International Film Festival. His subsequent stage, film and television works were similarly critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Honored with the titles of ”Eastern Scholar“ and ”Distinguished Expert of Shanghai“, Sherwood is a professor at the Shanghai Theater Academy and this year founded ”Film and Television Academy“ and serves as its president under Shanghai Theatre Academy. He was the artistic director of 2010 World Expo Shanghai Pavilion, which was praised as ”one of the most creative pavilions in the Expo 2010.“ As the founder of Shanghai Media Image Art Centre he contributes a lot of his time to study a new entertainment genre which comes out of Shanghai Pavilion, a new art form mixed with film, theater, computer arts, digital science and high tech engineering in a dome environment.

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