Zheng Dongtian is a Film Director, Professor of the Beijing Film Academy and a Member of the China Film Directors Association. His nine films, made between 1977 and 2004, have been selected for international film festivals and received awards both in China and overseas.  They include Tai Wan Wang Shi (Bittersweet in Taiwan), winner of the Best Picture and Best Director Awards at the 10th China Film Huabiao Awards and nominated in 2004 for five China Film Golden Rooster Awards.

Zheng Dongtian was named Best Director at the 11th Beijing Student Film Festival and the film won First Prize at Shanghai Critic of Film Awards 2004. Zheng Peimin (A Public Servant) was named Best Picture at the 11th China Film Huabiao Awards.  Zheng Dongtian’s other films are Huo Wa (Fire Child), Xiang Dao (The Guide), Lin Ju (Neighbours), Yuanyang Lou(Young Couple), Ren Zhi Chu (The Beginning of Life), Gu Yuan Qiu Se (Autumn in the Nativeland) and Liu Tianhua.

Zheng Dongtian has taught at the Beijing Film Academy since 1976, has been engaged in film theory and critique since 1980, and has served on several international film juries including the International Electronic Cinema Festival at Tokyo 1994, the 4 th Shanghai International Film Festival 1999 and the 24 th Fajr International Film Festival at Tehran 2006.

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