Film Synopsis

Winner, Best Screenplay, 2016

Jun, Akari, Sakurako and Fumi, four women living in Kobe believe that they can confide in each other about anything. One day they participate in a strange workshop of a man Ukai held at art center PORTO. Jun, one of them, makes an unexpected confession in an after-event party that she is seeking a judicial divorce since she is seeing a young man. The news upsets the rest of three.

To cover up their insecure feelings, they set out on a trip to the Arima hot spring resort. The sightseeing tour puts smiles back on their faces for a short period. Jun disappears on their way back. Her missing leads to a shaking of “happy” life for the rest of the three.

Fumi holds a reading recital at her workplace PORTO, which invites a woman novelist Kozue whose editor in charge is Fumi’s husband. Fumi, despite her jealousy, maintains artificial calm and asks Ukai to be a Q&A; guest. Sakurako, Kohei and injured Akari attend the recital where Jun has also planned to appear. Ukai lures Akari away to take her to the club. His disappearance as a guest makes a fuss, but Kohei takes a substitute and Q&A; goes on flawlessly.

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