Film Details

Takva: A Man’s Fear Of God

Film Synopsis

Winner, Best Performance by an Actor, 2007

Humble introvert, Muharrem lives a solitary and meager existence of prayer and sexual abstinence, adhering strictly to the most severe Islamic doctrines. His extraordinary devotion attracts the attention of the leaders of a rich and powerful Istanbul religious group and they offer him an administrative post as rent collector for their numerous properties. Now, thrown into the modern outside world Muharrem must deal with the dilemmas and temptations arising at the intersection of religion and economic interests. His inner peace is unnerved by the torment of seductive images, the witnessing of hypocritical attitudes and by the fact that he himself has become proud, domineering and even dishonest. With the balance of his devotion now upset, his fear of God begins to eat away at his senses.


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