In the Tapestry of the Asia Pacific, Weaving Creates Unity.


We were captivated by the ancient technique of weaving, deeply rooted in the history of the Asia Pacific region, and how it holds profound cultural significance as both an artistic expression and a practical skill.

Weaving has historically fostered community bonds through communal activities, while its cross-cultural exchange has symbolised the unity of diverse cultures. Serving as a powerful metaphor, weaving reflects how different threads come together to form a strong fabric, mirroring the region’s diverse ethnicities and traditions. In modern times, weaving continues to empower indigenous communities by preserving cultural identities and traditions, reaffirming its role as a vital thread in the intricate tapestry of the Asia Pacific’s heritage.

Weaving is not just an art; it’s a thread that binds our heritage, culture, and stories into a beautiful tapestry of life.

For this year’s APSA Awards & Forum, we sought to embrace a culturally significant theme that resonates with the core values of our organisation: strengthening community bonds and uniting filmmakers from the diverse Asia Pacific region.

Our journey led us to a heartfelt realisation when we contemplated the Filipino tradition of “Puso,” a woven pouch used to boil rice for convenient street food consumption. It invoked cherished memories of strolling with family, savoring street delicacies while enjoying the simplicity of a Puso paired with Filipino barbecue. We were keen, though, to extend beyond the Philippines.

In a serendipitous conversation with friends from different Asian cultures, the Taiwanese “Zongzi,” a woven leaf pouch used in culinary practices, and Thailand’s “ข้าวต้มลูกโยน” (khao tom madt), were just some examples raised that show how weaving, like cinema, is an art form that transcends boundaries and fosters unity, making it a perfect reflection of our mission to celebrate diversity and cultural richness through film.

APSA aims to weave the diverse cultures, stories, and voices of the Asia Pacific region into a rich cinematic tapestry. Just as a well-woven fabric is stronger and more beautiful than the sum of its individual threads, so too is our cinematic community when we come together to celebrate our shared humanity through the medium of film.

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The Asia Pacific Screen Academy expresses its respect for and acknowledgement of the South East Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of country, including the custodial communities on whose land works are created and celebrated by the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. We acknowledge the continuing connection to land, waters and communities. We also pay our respects to Elders, past and emerging. We recognise the integral role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and First Nations peoples continue to play in storytelling and celebration spaces.

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