Ella Manzheeva  was  born  in  the  Republic  of  Kalmykia  in   1981.  Since  childhood  she studied  music  and  graduated  in   violin  from  Music  College.   In  2005  she  graduated  the  St. Petersburg  State  University  of   Film  and  Television,  specialising  in  TV  and  Movie  audio engineering.   In  2007  she  enrolled  at  the  Higher  Courses  for  Scriptwriters   and  Directors, Workshop  of  V.  Khotinenko,  P.  Finn,  V.   Fenchenko.  In  2012  she  wrote  her  debut  script The  Gulls,  which  was   published  in  the  Art  of  Cinema  periodical.   In 2013 she participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus #11 as well as the Kultburo Short Film competition.

Ella  Manzhieva’s  previous  short  film,  Within  Her There’s  a   Steppe,  participated  in  20 international  film  festivals  and   was  awarded  the  National  Character  award  at  Saint  Anne’s film  festival;  besides  this  it  won  the  German  Formula  Mundi   international  film  festival.   The  Gulls  is  Ella  Manzhieva’s  feature  film  directorial  debut.


The Gulls

The Gulls (Chaiky)

Russian Federation

The Gulls (Chaiky)

Set against the icy landscape of contemporary Kalmykia in southern Russia where Buddhism is practiced by the majority, Elza, a young housewife feels trapped in…

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