Henry has a background as an actor, casting director (5000 roles), script editor (250 hours) and film drama producer (600 hours). His works include a number of miniseries – one an Australia/German co-production. He has won an Emmy award for A Town Like Alice (1982). His 39 hour production of Five Mile Creek for Disney co-starred Nicole Kidman early in her career. Henry served on the Jury of the Canadian Film and TV awards (BANFF). He was an AFC commissioner for 4 years, during which time he assessed hundreds of script and funding applications for the Creative Film Fund.  Henry produced three of the four most watched dramas screened on Australian television in the 20th century. He was an assessor for Griffith Film School graduation films in 2015 and 2016. He was responsible for recruiting, training and mentoring many screen writers, script editors and directors, with the best becoming grass roots creators of the Australian film industry.

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