Born in Seoul, Park Joo Young, started working in the film industry in 1999. At CINE2000, Cinema Service, and Chungeoram, Park worked in film investment, production, and marketing.

In 2005, she produced Aggressive, the second movie by director Jeong Jae-eun and in director Kang Yi-Kwan’s Juvenile Offender in 2012. She is a cofounder of South Park Film. The company’s first film Juvenile Offender (2012) won Special Jury Prize and Best Actor Award at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival, the 14th Lino Brocka Grand Prize and Best Actor Award at Cinemanila International Film Festival, 7th Asia Pacific Screen Awards for Best Children’s Feature Film. The film was also selected as the South Korean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.


Juvenile Offender

Juvenile Offender (Boom-jo So-nyeon)

Republic of Korea

Juvenile Offender (Boom-jo So-nyeon)

Ji-gu is a 16-year-old juvenile offender under probation who lives with his only known relative, his bed-ridden grandfather. One day, he is caught committing burglary…

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