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Ceremony Year 2007
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Hanan Turk studied at the Ballet Institute, became a member of the Cairo Ballet Group and later, the Classic Ballet Group. In 1991 she burst onto the acting scene starring alongside Nadia El-Gendy in Raghba Motawahesha, directed by Khayry Bishara. One of Egypt’s foremost actresses, Hanan has managed to make her mark on Arab audiences in a number of Egyptian fi lms including, Youssef Shahine’s Al-MohagerAl-Massir and Al-Akhar. She also starred in a selection of successful TV series including Al-Sabr Fel Malahat, Al- Mal We Al-BanounLan A’esh Fe Gelbab AbyAmira Men Abdeenand Opera Aida. In 2005 Hanan played the lead role in the film Dunia, directed by Jocelyne Saab. The film attracted a lot of attention not only in Egypt but also in Europe with its controversial topic, female circumcision.

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