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Ceremony Year 2008
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Winner, Best Screenplay, 2008

Eran Riklis, one of Israel’s leading filmmakers, was born in Jerusalem, raised in the USA, Canada and Brazil, and graduated from The National Film School, England in 1982. Married to Dina (a filmmaker), father of Tammy (a committed journalist) and Jonathan (a jazz pianist), Eran lives in Tel Aviv and works with the world. His film credits include: The Syrian Bride, 2004, winner of 18 international awards, and Zohar, Israel’s biggest box office success in the 90s. He has also directed and produced many TV films, series and documentaries. Lemon Tree is Riklis’ second collaboration with co-nominee, Suha Arraf. A Palestinian-Israeli, Suha is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Screenwriting Academy and has degrees from the Jerusalem and Haifa Universities. Besides The Syrian Bride and Lemon Tree collaborations with Riklis, Suha has written and directed several documentaries and worked as a journalist and researcher for many years.


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