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Ceremony Year 2009

Nomination Detail

Winner, Cultural Diversity Award Under The Patronage of UNESCO, 2009

Uruphong Rakasad was born in 1977 to a farming family in the district of Terng, outside of Chiang Rai in Thailand’s north. He moved to Bangkok when he was 18 to further his study at Thammasat University’s Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications, where he majored in film and photography. After graduating in 2000, he worked as a film editor and post-production supervisor on several Thai feature films. In 2004, he moved away from working on large scale feature films to focus on grassroots filmmaking through the story of his home village.


“One of the real surprises for me was the Thai film Agrarian Utopia. On paper it looked daunting. I found it a very very powerful film in a very understated way. It requires a degree of deep concentration but I thought it developed into a really powerful film about cultures and about the culture of change that I think is a universal story – it could be applicable among Australian farming communities, to anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region or anyone with a close relationship to the land. It’s a brilliant film that through looking at the very specific story of this person and his community it reached universal truths.” – Andrew Pike


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