Nomination Details

Ceremony Year 2010
Nomination category

Nomination Detail

Winner, Best Performance by an Actress, 2010
Winner, Achievement in Directing, 2010

The profound story of an elderly woman, Mija, who lives with her teenage grandson in a small suburban city located along the Han River. She is a dandy lady who likes to dress up in flower-decorated hats and fashionable outfits, but she is also an unpredictable character with an inquisitive mind. Having been diagnosed with Alzheimers, she takes a poetry class at a neighborhood cultural centre and is challenged to write a poem for the first time in her life. Her quest for poetic inspiration begins with observing the everyday life she had never consciously taken notice of before to find beauty within it. And with this, Mija is delightfully surprised with newfound trepidation as if she were a little girl discovering things for the first time in her life. When her grandson is implicated in the assault of a girl from his high school who had committed suicide, she realises perhaps life is not as beautiful as she had thought.


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