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Ceremony Year 2013
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Winner, APSA NETPAC Development Prize, 2013

Two brothers and their little sister are thrown out of their flat because they haven’t paid the rent. The orphans pack up their few possessions and go out to the country, where the family owns a small plot of land. The children set up camp, knowing they have to fend for themselves, but this solution is insecure, too: they are told, in no uncertain terms, that all plots will shortly pass to the state unless at least the foundations of a house have been laid. So, the fractious siblings must unite in a common cause, borrowing or stealing tools and supplies to stake their lasting claim.

“The APSA NETPAC Development Prize is awarded to Stroiteli (Constructors) for its striking visual qualities and unique insights into contemporary social conditions in Kazakhstan from the perspective of children trying to survive in a harsh environment. Adilkhan Yerzhanov is a promising new voice from Central Asia. Stroiteli offers viewers a strong viewpoint, a compelling storyline and an emotional journey on the part of its three characters – all achieved in a pared-back style with minimum resources.”
– Jury citation

The 2013 APSA Academy NETPAC Jury comprised APSA International Nominations Council NETPAC members: Jeannette Paulson Hereniko (USA), Peggy Chiao (Taiwan) and Kathryn Weir (Australia).


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