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Ceremony Year 2018

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Eléni Karaïndrou was hailed by Time magazine as “Greece’s most eloquent living composer”. She was born in Teichio, a mountain village in central Greece. By the 1970s she was writing film and theatre scores, and her artistic development reached a turning point in 1979 with Christoforos Christofis’s Periplanissi (Wandering). Karaïndrou had a highly productive collaboration with the Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos (1935-2012) and worked on additional titles including The Suspended Step of the Stork (1991), Eternity and a Day (1998), The Weeping Meadow (2003), and Dust of Time (2008). In 2015, several of her compositions were used in Mad Max: Fury Road and she remains an active campaigner on behalf of her country’s musical traditions.

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