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Members of the Funeral

Film Synopsis

Winner, APSA NETPAC Development Prize, 2009

A group of people are gathered at a boy’s funeral. Joon-Ki (Yoo Ha-Bok), a closeted transvestite and physical therapist; Jung-Hee (Park Myeong-Sin), a high-school teacher and struggling crime-story writer; Ami (Song Ha-Yoon), a taciturn teenage girl with a part-time job as a mortician. These are also the leading characters in the novel that a boy named Hee-Joon (Lee Joo-Seung) has been writing. Each of them recollects threads of the past connected with the boy. The young author, a mysterious teenage boy, is writing a novel, titled “Members of the Funeral.” He wants to gather its leading characters into one place for the perfect ending to the story. He thinks his own funeral would be the right place to gather them. Finally, Joon-Ki, Jung-Hee and Ami come together at Hee-Joon’s funeral. They don’t know why each of them visits the funeral. Maybe they are family.

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