To our friends in France.

When events as atrocious as the recent terrorist attacks in Paris occur, they impact on all of us. Here at APSA, we feel particularly saddened because Paris had a fundamental role in the creation of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Paris is the headquarters of UNESCO and FIAPF – the International Federation of Film Producer Associations. It is also the home of many members of the European Film Academy who also guided us in our formative years a decade ago.

More than ever, these terrible events reinforce an underlying goal of APSA to promote greater understanding and harmony between people and nations. It should never be an impossible dream. It is our hope that film makers will use their enormous global influence, and their creativity, in ways that may lead to a more peaceful world.

We express our deepest sympathy to the people of France over the loss of their loved ones, and the hurt.

Michael Hawkins.

Des Power.
Founding Chairman

Maxine Williamson
Film Director

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