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Ceremony Year 2010
Nomination category

Nomination Detail

Winner, Jury Grand Prize for Director, Samuel Moaz, 2010
Winner, Best Screenplay, Samuel Moaz, 2010

Inspired by a gunfight in a Hollywood Western, Samuel Maoz shot his first film at age 13. The experience resulted in the destruction of his prized 8mm camera, but failed to break his creative spirit: by the time he signed up for National Service, he had made dozens of short films. Maoz trained as a Tank Gunner, the death-dealing significance of the role lost on him at the tender age of 18. Training seemed ‘like an amusement park for boys’. War with Lebanon broke out in 1982; when Maoz finally returned home, physically unharmed, his mother rejoiced, little understanding that ‘her son had died in Lebanon’. Years of inertia passed as Maoz tried to come to terms with his war experiences. He describes the completion of Lebanonas finally returning home.


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