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Ceremony Year 2015
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Murat Aliyev is a multi-award winning cinematographer born in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Earlier this year, Aliyev received the Best Cinematography prize for the epic drama Queen of the Mountains (Kurmanjan datka) from both the Kyrgyz Republic’s Ak Ilbirs National Film Awards and the Tiburon International Film Festival where the film also won Best Film.  Aliyev was nominated in 2012 for the APSA Achievement in Cinematography for Ermek Tursunov’s The Old Man (Shal). Stranger is his third collaboration with Tursunov following 2008’s Kelin. Aliyev’s cinematography credits include 2011 winner of Russia’s Nika Award for Best Film of the CIS and Baltics, Through the Eyes of a GhostBorder(2011), The Uranium Typhoon (2010) and Petrarka’s Readings (2007).


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