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Ceremony Year 2008

Nomination Detail

Born in 1962 in Chimkent, Kazakhstan, Sergey Dvortsevoy graduated from the Radio Technical Institute for Aviation in Novosibirsk. As an Aeroflot manager he travelled the country, until he discovered an announcement for Superior Courses for Directors and Screenplay writers in Moscow. His first short film Scasti demonstrated his ability to show the world in its simplicity, its warmth and its strength. This wonderful mixture of naturalism and poetry was later called ‘new sincerity’ by the critics. Dvortsevoy describes his films not as documentaries but as life cinema: “I am as watchful as an eagle, my head rotates in a circle of 360 degrees”. Sergey has directed numerous award-winning documentaries, including ParadiseBread DayHigh Way and In the DarkTulpan is Sergey Dvortsevoy’s first feature film.


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