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Ceremony Year 2016
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Winner, Achievement in Cinematography, 2016

Cevahir Şahin is a multi-award-winning Turkish cinematographer who studied his craft at New York Film Academy. He has travelled all around the globe shooting an extensive body of work across television, commercials and films including Blind Fate (2009), documentary 8 Countries 8 Directors & Sinan(2010), Toz Ruhu (2014), Cold of Kandalar (2015) and Emanet (2016). Cinematographer Kürşat Üresin, born and raised in Turkey, studied communications and graduated with fine arts. He has worked as the Director of Photography on various documentaries and commercials. Şahin together with Üresin received the Best Cinematographer award in Istanbul Film Festival (2015) for Mustafa Kara’s Cold of Kalandar in addition to various awards received by the film at national and international festivals including three at Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. In addition to its success on the festival circuit, Cold of Kalandar is Turkey’s official submission for the Academy Awards®.


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