Nomination Details

Ceremony Year 2019

Nomination Detail

Azim is an Afghan refugee who works at the municipality at night and lives in Tehran along with his family. Being the head of the family and the eldest brother, Azim is in charge of arranging for his brother, Faroogh, and their mother, Rona, to be smuggled into Germany. At the last moment, Azim learns of Faroogh’s decision to not bring Rona with him. In the chaos, he learns of his mother’s need for a kidney transplant. With just two months to live, Azim begins a search for a donor, but in doing so discovers that Iranians are not legally permitted to donate their organs to foreigners and that he is the only possible donor – although their doctor recommends him to not to do so. Now, he has to choose between his own life and his mother’s whom he has always claimed as the most important person in his life.


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