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Ceremony Year 2014
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Born in Iraqi Kurdistan, Shawkat Amin Korki and his family fled from military oppression and lived in exile in Iran for 25 years. Korki wrote, directed and produced his first two features in Iraqi Kurdistan, Crossing The Dust (2006) and Kick Off (2009), which won the Busan International Film Festival New Currents Award and FIPRESCI Prize. Memories on Stone (2014) won Best Film from the Arab World at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Korki lives and works in Erbil.

Award-winning writer and producer Mehmet Aktaş is the founder of independent production and distribution company Mitos Film. As a producer, Aktaş has worked with leading Kurdish directors including Hiner Saleem and Bahman Ghobadi. 2014’s Memories on Stone and Letter to the King, which won him Best Screenplay at Norway’s Amanda Awards, are his first two screenwriting credits.


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